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Private Offroad Excursions



TCS Adventure


TCS Adventure may also take you to discover Spain*

(*Discovering other parts of the world with TCS Adventure is also possible upon request)

If for any reason, simple comfort, age, physical condition, ignorance of the environment, lack of means, search for privacy, etc. you don't want to explore by yourself or cannot do it by yourself, now with TCS Adventure you can enjoy a private assisted offroad excursion completely taylor made for you. Easily discover at every step the most extraordinary places in Spain (and if required even other parts of the world as well).

TCS Adventure will take you to discover different lost, unknown, abandoned places, sometimes located closer to you than you thought. For conventional tourist trips there are already thousands of travel agencies and tour operators. With TCS Adventure the excursion will always be private (maximum 4 people from the same group), confidential and exclusive.

What does the service consist of:

The standard 4x4 exploration service consists of carrying out a calm and relaxed on/offroad excursion during the day, using the tool SITES OF SPAIN PRO through some of the central areas of Spain (Provinces of Ávila, Burgos, Cuenca, Guadalajara, Madrid, Segovia, Soria, Toledo, ...) tailor-made for the client in itinerary, scope and duration and without seeking special difficulties when driving off the road, mainly with the aim of visiting beautiful lost places (little frequented and known) in central Spain (hermitages, little-visited monasteries and castles, abandoned towns and places, archaeological sites, etc.), to be decided and agreed with the client. Nevertheless, the scope of the service could be extended to any area of Spain and even of the World whenever it could be possible to do it under adequate safety, health and hygiene conditions.

The standard excursion is done with an allroad 4x4 vehicle (NISSAN PATHFINDER or similar) provided by TCS Adventure. Optionally, it can be carried out with the client's own vehicle (preferably an off-road vehicle) or on a trail-type motorcycle, upon customer´s request. In case of using a motorcycle, the client will travel on his own (or rented) motorcycle, accompanied by another motorcycle driven by his TCS Adventure's assistant.

The excursion is totally flexible: the places to visit and the stops to be made prepared by TCS Adventure and agreed with the client, may be modified at any time on the fly depending on the weather and terrain circumstances, the suggestions and advice of TCS Adventure and the customer's own preferences. In any case and despite always keeping in mind the preferences and wishes of the client, the itineraries and routes to be finally chosen will be decided by TCS Adventure.

Who is the service aimed at:

The service is aimed at interested people who, for whatever reason, cannot or do not want to discover for themselves the "special" places that TCS proposes with its SITES OF SPAIN PRO tool and who wish to have a different experience in good companionship:

-  People who do not feel capable of undertaking this type of adventure on their own, due to reasons of age, physical condition or lack of means.


The service is aimed at a maximum of three (3) people, or exceptionally four (4) in the case of children*.

The service does NOT include the driving of the off-road vehicle by the customer. (Unless customer brings his own).

Cost of the service:

The cost of the excursion will depend on the scope, duration and number of participants in it and will be agreed previously with the client.

Its price starts at € 300/day for organized excursions in Spain for a single person. Fuel costs (€0.30/km for car, €0.15/km for motorcycle), accommodation and catering apart (NOT included).

To book the service, the customer will be required to provide a previous deposit and prior to starting the trip, the rest of the fare and the fuel costs estimate must be paid.


For confidentiality and privacy reasons, no telephone number is provided directly. To make a reservation or receive additional information, please contact us through this website (contact), or send us an email to:

* TCS Adventure reserves the right of admission and delay or cancellation of the service if deemed necessary.
(Fees paid in advance will be refunded to the client, in that case).


Take advantage of it and enjoy it!

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