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In summary


is the set of KML files that integrated into Google Earth:

Offers the exact GPS position of thousands of interesting places to explore in the World

and in addition

Integrated in Google Earth:

Allows  to comfortably and easily perform wonderful VIRTUAL TOURS around the entire world either with your PC, smartphone or tablet

Is an ideal tool to optimize the planning and execution of your tourist trips

Integrated in a map viewer such as "Oruxmaps" or "Maps of Spain":

Allows to select the places of interest on the map itself and directly obtain the navigation instructions to reach the chosen place using your preferred GPS navigator (GOOGLE Maps, Waze, Sygic...)

Allows to search for and select the places of interest from a list and directly obtain navigation instructions to reach the chosen place using your preferred GPS navigator (GOOGLE Maps, Waze, Sygic...).

Is the most effective on the terrain offroad GPS navigator (and onroad as well). It allows obtaining navigation instructions for performing on and offroad trips to the most remote places of interest, with the additional visualization of the slopes of the terrain to be faced in each section through different colors (with the Graphhopper offline tool enabled).

Allows to find wonderful lost places, many of which don't even always appear on the maps

Helps to better understand the sites, culture, customs, traditions and historical legacy of the entire World!

Increases your knowledge, your skills and your adventurous spirit

Helps to discover how wonderful is our planet and how much it is worth exploring, enjoying and taking care of it


Is a source of endless fun and enriching entertainment!


Makes you enjoy life much more!

Do not wait anymore!




TCS Adventure

Take advantage of it and enjoy it!

Mario Ortuño

TCS Adventure

The ultimate tool to discover the World
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