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META-TOURING by TCS Adventure offers you the suite SITES OF THE WORLD, "the tools to explore unlimited". The tools that provide

the exact position of thousands of interesting places in the World!

castles, sanctuaries, abandoned villages and constructions, archaeological sites, natural sites, caves, waterfalls, singular buildings, etc. A tool that will allow you to identify, locate and visualize at a glance all the interesting sites on Earth! Essential to not miss any single one of them.

This will help you to

Make the most complete and wonderful virtual trips around the entire World!

META-TOURING´s SITES OF THE WORLD offers the exact GPS location of the most interesting places on Earth classified by categories that can be purchased together as a full package or separately by zones or by site type:

Cat. 1:

Cat. 2:
Cat. 3:
Cat. 4:
Cat. 5:
Cat. 6:
Cat. 7:
Cat. 8:

The tool is designed to be integrated into GOOGLE Earth (in any of its different versions).

Once integrated into GOOGLE Earth,

SITES OF THE WORLD allows you to visualize all those interesting places on the map quickly and easily with their corresponding names .

Top sites are directly linked to Wikipedia web pages for quick and easy additional information.

Just fly then directly to the sites of your interest just by clicking on the corresponding pin, look at them from above and watch all the pictures around to get the best idea of how amazing our planet is!

Integrate SITES OF THE WORLD into GOOGLE Earth, either in your PC or in the app of your smartphone or tablet and enjoy having all the interesting places of the world at easy bird's eye view!

Follow the instructions indicated on this website to do so and

Get the World in your Hands!

Integrated into your GPS navigator or map viewer, it will also allow you to plan your trips, routes and excursions much more effectively. Integrate it into apps like "Mapas de España" or "Oruxmaps" and you will get the most efficient on and offroad GPS navigator. Yes, the most effective offroad GPS navigator also!


Places are classified with icons of different shapes and colors depending on the type of site, what will allow you to easily identify whether what it is there is for instance a castle, a sanctuary or an abandoned village, etc. The ease of quickly viewing and locating all the positions of the places of interest on the map will allow you to plan your virtual trips in an easy and comfortable way. You will be aware of all the interesting sites located in every zone of your interest, avoiding you to miss any one of them. How many interesting sites we have missed simply because we were not aware that they were there! That will never happen to you again with SITES of the WORLD.


Follow the instructions indicated in this website to integrate SITES of the WORLD into Google Earth, and enjoy it!

The ultimate tool to discover the World
Explore unlimited
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